Why That Program Didn’t Work

“I did all the research.”

“It worked for my friends.”

“I followed all the instructions.”

These are just a few of the things I hear often when I meet a new client. I tend to follow up these statements with another question: “So how long did you follow the program?”

Then they say “A month” or, even better, “30 days.”

Here’s the thing about change, especially physical or physiological change. It takes awhile. Your body is a complex machine with lots of moving parts both internally and externally. It takes 4-6 weeks (28-42 days FYI) just for your body to adapt to the new program neurologically aka start feeling less sore and stop feeling so clumsy. AFTER that time, the physical changes really take off; muscle gain, fat loss, size change, all the fun stuff you ever hoped and dreamed for. The cool part of it all is that as you change, so does the program (if the program is written well); the weights get heavier, the sets get longer, the conditioning becomes more complex, EVERYTHING improves and becomes more challenging. When you’re challenged, you change. When you change, you open yourself to being able to take on more challenge. The more challenge you take on, the better everything gets. Long story short, the program that works best is the one that can actually last after you get the results you want. Consider it the best snowball effect ever.

Next time you take on a new program (perhaps take a look over at the “Training” tab here…. https://amptstrength.com/training/) give yourself a chance and give it more than a month. Yes, it won’t be as quick as you hoped, and yes, it will not earn you a fun shirt for conquering the “30 day INSERT NAME HERE Challenge” but it will get you A RESULT, which, at the end of the day, is what you’re really working for.

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