Strength: The Most Essential Skill

“On my last day on this earth, I want to be able to wipe my own ass.” – Jason Marshall, Strongfirst Barbell Master Instructor

No matter what it is you would like to accomplish in your life, whether it’d be lifting 1000 pounds, running across the country, or simply being able to get yourself up and down the stairs in your office without getting winded, there is one thing you will always need in order to accomplish it: STRENGTH.

Strength is the master skill. Your body is made up of a series of lever systems, all of them complex in their own special ways, each individual lever depending on both the last one and the next in order to complete it’s own task as efficiently as possible. The force producer on each and every one of those levers? Muscles. Muscles experience a phenomenon called hypertrophy, which means they break down momentarily, only to recover and come back thicker, denser, and stronger than ever. After experiencing hypertrophy, a muscle can do more work more efficiently with less stress, essentially creating a better machine (specifically that lever). How does hypertrophy happen? Through strength training.

You want to run faster? You’ll need to push the ground harder and quicker, which will require a stronger leg. Boom. Strength Training.

You want to throw farther? That will require a stronger arm. Boom. Strength Training.

You want to push yourself off the floor when you fall? That will require some strong muscles. You guessed it. Boom. Strength Training.

You want to see your abs? They should become thicker and denser aka experience hypertrophy. Boom. Strength. Training.

No matter the goal, strength is required. From the day you are born to the day you die, strength is required of you in some way, shape, and form. Yes, looking toned and feeling “tight” is nice, but guess what you need to do in order to tone a muscle? Strength train. You want to build your metabolism so that you can burn more fat and weigh less? Guess what, the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism becomes! What does that take??? STRENGTH TRAINING.

Make a goal, program for that goal, then start training for it. Just make sure some of that training is strength training.

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