Joy Vs. Effectiveness

Look, I get it, change is hard. It is really tough to convince yourself to get uncomfortable and create a change in yourself at the physical and physiological level. Most trainers and coaches understand that point, so they start to look for ways around the discomfort to convince their clients that the work is not work at all, but actually an overall enjoyable experience.

Not a fan of that. Sorry.

If you are not enjoying the training, that’s okay. Like I said, change is hard. You know what else is NOT enjoyable? Being less than what you want to be. Not liking your own reflection, feeling uncomfortable in your own body, being unable to keep up, all of those things and more are NOT FUN. So, at the end of the day, you have got to ask yourself, what do I hate more: The way I feel about myself or the way I feel about this workout? Chances are, more often than not, the workout being a little difficult is the least of your problems.

Having fun is great. There will be times when training is fun. Those times will most likely be when everything is easy. More often than not, the most beneficial work you do will be the work that you spend most of your time not enjoying. After awhile, something really cool is going to happen…you’ll enjoy USING your body. You’ll look forward to the challenge and enjoy the feeling of having to overcome something new. You can only get there, though, if you’re willing to suck it up, not have as much fun, and put your body and mind in some uncomfortable situations. It seems strange to think right now, but I promise it will happen and it will be so worth it when it does.

Go out. Get uncomfortable. Make the work hard. Have a little less fun, and then enjoy the process of succeeding in creating change for yourself.

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